Resources for Dual Language Teachers and Students

Dual Language STEPS Collection

Teacher/School Resources


General Dual Language Resources
Guiding Principles for Dual Language Educators: Center for Applied Linguistics

Dual Language Online Resources

Teaching Online in Spanish
Resources for Teaching Spanish Online from AATSP
ACTFL Resources for Teaching World Languages Online
Dual Language Online Learning Facebook Page
Early Edge Learning in California: Webinars for developing language at home and online
Higher Ed Collective Teaching Online Tips Youtube Channel
Houston ISD List of Resources for teaching online
Teaching Online Resources from CARLA
CARLA Using Technology in Language Acquisition

General Online Teaching Tips

Higher Ed Collective Teaching Online Tips Youtube Channel

Online Brain Breaks
CAL Brain Breaks

Resources for Principals
Leadership in Dual Language Bilingual Education


Free Materials
Paco el Chato: Free Spanish Online Textbooks from the Mexican Government
Common Lit: Free Fiction & Non-Fiction for 3rd-12th Grade in Spanish
Exploraciones: Resources for Teaching Spanish
Online Activities in Spanish for grade levels
Commercial Materials
Maravillas: A K–5 Spanish Language Arts Curriculum
Estrellita Spanish Reading Program
Adelante Spanish Language and Literacy Program



LAS Links: Assessing Spanish Language Proficiency
ACTFL Assessment of Performance Toward Proficiency in Languages (AAPPL)
AAPPL Elementary (grades 3-4)
Spanish MAP Growth
Star Assessment in Spanish

Student/Family Resources

Support for Learning

Ready Rosie: Learning at Home (click on upper right corner “ver en español“)
Imagine Learning at Home: Literacy & Math in English and Spanish
Do’s and Don’ts -On-line Teaching


Games and Tutorials for Learning Spanish
Online Free Spanish: Games, Coloring Pages, and Activities for Learning Spanish
A Green Mouse: Free Spanish Language Learning Resources
Digital Dialects: Free Spanish Learning Games
Open Culture: Free Online Language Learning
Aula 365 Tutorial Videos

Book Read-Alouds in Spanish
Spanish Profe- Spanish read- aloud for elementary level dual language classrooms
Spanish read-aloud (for Kindergarten-1)
Colorin Colorado- Videos in Spanish
Family e Book Libraries from Benchmark Education
Unite for Literacy audio books with visuals
Storyline Online Book Read-Aloud
Epic Books in Spanish with Audio
LESLLA Books & Read Alouds in Various Languages

Family & Community Engagement

Colorín Colorado: Resources & Tips for Families in English and Spanish

Parent resources for coping with COVID stressors (Spanish)

Resource from Child Mind Institute on Coronavirus
Resource on Child Mind for Parents
Caregiver Guide on COVID
Managing COVID Stress

Parent resources for supporting children in distance learning (Spanish)
(Guía para Padres para la Educación a Distancia)
Educación a distancia, un reto para padres y maestros por el coronavirus.

Using Show, Tell, Build for Second Language Learners in 2-Way Dual Language Programs

1. Graphic Organizers for Academic Subjects

Sra Kogan’s Graphic Organizer Collection
Links to Website Resources
Printable Spanish Graphic Organizers

2. Infographics, Diagrams, and Animations

Spanish Infographics

3. Models, Manipulatives, and Realia

PhET Math & Science Simulations: In Spanish & Other Languages

4. Gestures, Dramatization, & Total Physical Response

Spanish Gestures
Video of TPR in Spanish

5. Teacher Talk

Example of Teacher Talk in Spanish

6. Leveled Questioning

Table of Leveled Questions in Spanish

7. Cooperative Learning and Academic Discussions

Video of Cooperative Activity in Spanish

8. Leveled Text

Spanish Newspaper for Children

9. Modified Text

Outlines website in Spanish

10. Sentence Starters, Sentence Frames, & Word Banks

Sentence Frames in Spanish
Video of Class Using Spanish Sentence Frames

11. Building Comprehension at Word, Sentence, & Discourse Levels

Spanish Listening Videos: Speakers from Different Countries
Spanish Videos and Other Listening Activities

12. Instructional Conversations

Spanish conversations online

13. Learning New Language through Songs & Poems

Songs in Spanish

Arriba Abajo
Spanish Club for Kids

Poems in Spanish
Spanish Poems for Children

14. SL Spoken Error Treatment

Common Errors in Spanish
Phonetic Contrasts in Spanish and English

15. Exploring the Meaning, Form, and Relationships of Words

Morphemes in Spanish

Palabras Derivadas


English-Spanish Cognates List
Colorín Colorado Cognates List
Audio of Spanish Words with Cognates in English
Pinterest Cognates Posters
Strategies for Teaching Cognates

16. Grammatically Unpacking Sentences

Análisis sintáctico de oraciones video

17. Understanding Text Structures with Graphic Organizers

Estructura de un texto
Text Structure Graphic Organizers

18. Grammar, Spelling, and Vocabulary Mini-Lessons

121 Spanish Grammar Activities
Pinterest Spanish Grammar Posters
PBS Salsa Spanish Vocabulary for Kids
PBS Supplemental Spanish Vocabulary

19. Responding to Sentence-Level Writing Errors

Duolingo List of Most Frequent Written Errors in Spanish
Spanish Codes for Written Errors

20. Planning Writing with Graphic Organizers

Poesia Graphic Organizer
Escritura informativa tema
Escritura expositiva
Writing Graphic Organizers in Spanish

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