Preparing Teachers

Preparing Dual Language Teachers

The ELAN team developed this Dual Language Toolkit for educators interested in dual language teaching. It provides insights into the value of Dual Language programs and detail the guiding principles of Dual Language Education and research-based practices

This resource is meant as a guide and reference so teachers can interact with the material, add their own thoughts and questions, and work with other educators to determine what works best for your individual, local program.

If you are a new teacher to Dual Language, this handbook is an introduction to Dual Language with some practical ideas for teaching in your classroom. 

If you are a leader in a Dual Language program, you can invite your partner teachers to read the book prior to a Professional Development or meeting. Ask the teachers to fill out the Reflective Questions areas so that you can discuss these questions as group. 

Additional Resources

Find below some additional dual language resources you might be interested in.

Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education, 3rd Ed., Center of Applied Linguistics

Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education has been used for over a decade by dual language programs and educators across the United States as an effective tool for planning, self-reflection, and continual improvement. The third edition of this widely-used resource has been updated to reflect new knowledge, practices, and policies in the arena of dual language education.