Chapter 8: Teaching Edith About Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes: Language and Literacy in the Intermediate Grades

Chapter 8 addresses teaching Language Arts and Literacy to English learners in intermediate grades, focusing on:

  • Comparing Common Core State Standards grade-level expectations for language and literacy in fourth grade to the proficiency of a WIDA Level 1 English learner
    o   Analyzing language samples
  • Research on teaching language and literacy to English learners in intermediate grades
    o   Reading comprehension
  • Compensatory theory of second language reading
    o   Role of oral proficiency
    o   Transfer from the first language
  • Fourth grade reading lesson (prefix, root, suffix) before and after application of the Language Arts Protocol (lesson analysis and adaptations) for WIDA Level 1 English learner
Below we provide additional information on major topics addressed in or relevant to the content of Chapter 8, with links to each topic’s webpage that includes a brief narrative overview of the topic, followed by headings of subtopics with categorized, annotated links to freely available resources that can be used for further study or to activities that can be viewed or conducted in classes or workshops. At the bottom of this page, we share links to online resources for classroom use with English learners K-12.

Integrated Language Arts Instruction for Intermediate Grades

Literacy Instruction for Intermediate Grades

Oral Language Instruction for Intermediate Grades

Table Turner Experience–Reading as a Level 1 Student

Teaching Words and Parts of Words