Language Intensive Lesson Plan–Mathematics

Mathematics Word Problem Lesson Plan—1

Objective: Students will be able to solve word problems using properties of operations (fourth grade multiplication word problem)

Materials: Math word problem handout; practice exercises

Preliminary Discussion (Introduction)

  1. Teacher begins by asking the class whether they know about the country mentioned in the Math word problem, i.e., Venezuela (Activating students’ background knowledge; Incorporating students’ diverse cultural backgrounds).
  2. Teacher praises and confirms answers. Teacher asks others who did not respond if they can add anything.
  3. Teacher tells a short story about Venezuela (Story-telling/literature connection).


  1. Teacher displays PowerPoint slide 1 and reads the Math word problem as students look and listen.
  2. Teacher questions class—How do we know what we have to do to solve the problem? After student volunteers answer, teacher tells students, “Calculate the answer for the Math word problem in PowerPoint slide 1.” Students calculate answer at their desks and when they are done, teacher asks for 1 student volunteer to write and solve the equation on the board. Teacher praises correct answer and asks if any students have questions.


  1. Teacher distributes handout 1 & asks students to work individually or in pairs to solve the Math word problem.

Performance (Individual Assessment)

  1. Teacher passes out a Math word problem quiz to individuals.