Table Turner Lesson Experience–Mathematics

Language Intensive Lesson–Mathematics

Before watching the Language Intensive Lesson, read the lesson plan and analyze which elements are good practice for English learners and which parts are not. Then, watch the video and compare your reaction to your analysis of the lesson plan prior to watching the lesson.

Language Intensive Lesson Plan–Mathematics

Language Intensive Lesson Video–Mathematics 

Hands On Lesson–Mathematics

After completing the Language Intensive Lesson video and plan review, watch the Hands On Lesson, noting how the teacher made the lesson more comprehensible for beginning second language learners. Then, read the Hands On lesson plan and analyze which elements are good practice for second language learners at beginning levels of proficiency. Then, compare your your analysis of the lesson plan to what you observed by watching the video lesson.

Hands On Lesson Video–Mathematics

After reading each lesson plan and watching each video, reflect on how experiencing the lessons on video changed your perspective on which elements are good practice and which are not for English learners.

Teaching Language–Mathematics

For second language learners, explicit instruction of the language of the academic subject is crucial. In this video, the teacher gives the native speakers a cooperative learning activity and then works with the group of second language learners to teach the language they need to comprehend the essentials of the lesson.

Teaching the Language of Mathematics to 2nd Language Learners Exclusively