The Bilingual Village

What is
The Bilingual Village

Learn more about our mission: building a Bilingual Village to promote bilingualism in our community!

Our Partners

Our community partners are businesses, organizations, individuals, and schools that wish to promote bilingualism in our community. They hold a special place in our hearts and on our social media!

Why Join Us


Meet our partners and learners to share about their background and cultures.


Get to know our other partners and who our students are to create a sense of community.


Word-of-Mouth and connecting with our students are likely to increase the number of your customers!


Increase your online presence by joining our social media. Our partners are advertised to our students but also online!

Bilingual Superpowers

“I use my bilingual superpowers (Italian) to show teachers how they can help their English learner students comprehend instruction.”
Joyce Nutta
“I use my bilingual superpowers to connect with people of different background and culture and to create meaningful connections with them”
Sophie Cuocci
“Being bilingual is what keeps my family from going the wrong way down the highway on vacation... again!!”

Laura Monroe

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