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    I’m honored and excited to start off our Dual Language Teacher Forum (2LTF) with this welcome post. This is a place for PK-20 dual language teachers of all languages, grade levels, and subjects to come together and support each other. This forum is accessible to dual language teachers who sign up for it and is not available for others to contribute to or view.

    Because we are all language teachers, I know we’ll appreciate starting with the Latin origin of the term forum. In Ancient Rome, the forum was the public center. And for us language nerds, the Latin plural of the nominative form of forum is fora. Roman fora were where goods and ideas were exchanged in a public square or plaza.

    This forum is a place for our public, dual language teachers, to exchange goods (for example, resources, materials) and ideas (e.g., suggestions for collaborating, scheduling, and promoting dual language education).

    The subtitle for our forum is A Place to Share, Compare, Care, and Dare. This means that teachers can share resources and ideas, compare how things are done in different schools and districts (to get fresh ideas for their own), care for each other (2L teachers can get burned out from excessive workloads), and dare to take risks by trying new tools, techniques, and approaches and letting others know the process and outcome.

    So, I will start us off with a question. What could you, as a dual language teacher, use a little help with? Please post one or more thoughts, and we’ll see if we can come up with ways to help.

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